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Whether snoozing by the fire or building a snowman, it’s nice to know...the driveway’s been plowed, the walk shoveled, and the wood stacked!

* The Ski Home Trail, exclusively for Bears Crossing residents, is open “snow permitting”; it’s also perfect for hiking and biking.

* All the condos and houses have fireplaces, so wood is delivered to each unit and chimneys are cleaned every year.

* Ownership here includes lawn and tree care and snow removal.

* A dedicated 4WD bus shuttles us to and from Mt. Snow; (while others hunt for a parking space, we’re already on the slopes!)

* With a secured compactor and recycling center on the premises, trash and bottles can be safely disposed of before going home.

* An on-site Manager is an important part of our property management services, and includes maintenance of our infrastructure. But owners also enjoy peace of mind, knowing an extra “set of eyes” is here to oversee and troubleshoot.


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